Barrel Aging Program

Next Exclusive Barrel Aged Release: 02.25.2022

Barrel Program

Director of Barrel Operations, Peter Calomiris and the Brew Team here at Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts are building a program that is truly unique. From the barrels, to the adjuncts, to their foundational principles of community uplift and elevation of local artistry our team is hard at work constructing a program that stands for more. 

The brewers in North Carolina aren't afraid to try different things. In addition, The communities that surround the craft beer industry are incredibly supportive of craft beer, the arts, and diverse cultures. We’re going to have the opportunity to do high end stout and barley wine blends with various spirit barrels. Each barrel is unique in that they manipulate the beer in their own way, even between the same spirit barrels they all create different tasting notes and aromas. We are thrilled to elevate these individually unique bottles by partnering with select local Charlottean Artists. These artists will develop four Beer Labels and will revisit these designs annually-with full creative freedom. 

Whether it be in the Barrel Aging Process or the Bottling Process- We take pride in sharing the stories of those involved in our Barrel Program and by extension the beautifully talented and rich culture that is Charlotte, North Carolina.