Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in my own food & beverage?

Since we offer all onsite and offsite catering, we do not allow outside food, with the exception of desserts (cakes/cupcakes.) Please inform our team members prior to your party so that we may have a table prepared and/or storage arranged. We will provide all utensils, plates, and cutting equipment for your desserts.

Do you provide tastings?

We are happy to provide tastings. These include a limit of 5 items, and are priced at $25/person. Please contact our events team to schedule.

Are there any decorating restrictions?

There are very few. We ask that no glitter or confetti be used, and that no picket signs be put up outside our venues. Please consult our team on what you have envisions for decorations.

Is there enough parking for my guests?

We have sizable free parking lots at both of our locations. Some outside circumstances that contribute to higher traffic than normal is possible which could limit parking. Please let your guests know that they can park along the neighborhood side streets at our Noda location, or on Woodward Avenue at our Barrel Arts location.

**At our Noda location, please do not park at Brooks Sandwich house, across the street from us, as vehicles parked there will be towed or booted**

Is gratuity included?

An overall charge of 22.9% (service charge of 5.9%, gratuity of 17%,) will be added to all private events including both pre-orders of food and bar tabs.

Am I allowed to hire entertainment?

This varies depending on multiple factors such as time, the room rented, the date, and overall privacy of the event. Please consult our team for approval.

Is there a charge to use the A/V equipment?

All A/V materials are included in the room rental package.

Is there any charge for tables/utensils/plates?

All room packages come with what's already located in the space. All tables, chairs, plates, and silverware are included at no extra charge.